Black and White

I’ve actually been searching for a little white skater skirt for what seems like ages now plus size sequin evening dresses, but that search was quickly put to a stop when I stumbled upon this perfect new closet addition last week on Markkit plus size sequin evening dresses. Now, while the lovely background does the skirt little justice I have a feeling it’s going to be spotted a few more times this Fall and Winter plus size sequin evening dresses…


Before Jamie Chung played Mulan in “Once Upon a Time” and Stu’s wife in “The Hangover Part III,” she starred in a teeny bopper mini-series on ABC Family called “Samurai Girl.” (Although, before that, she played herself on “Real World: San Diego” in 2004, and the ensuing “Inferno II.” #neverforget) Off-screen, she’s a Fashion Week FROW regular and a frequent sighting on best-dressed lists, so obviously she’d start her own blog, cheekily named What the Chung. “I was in between film projects and thought it would be fun to archive my recent past trips,” she tells Fashionista. “What I wore, where I ate and my favorite places to shop. I also had some styling ideas so I asked my friend to take some outfit shots. With the help of some friends, What the Chung was born.”

It’s very fashion bloggy — showing lots of pretty street style shots displayed as photo listicle features, with looks that can be shopped via affiliate marketing links. “I do everything myself,” Chung tells us. “I schedule the shoot, style my looks, resize my photos and arrange on the blog. I find the similar items online for my readers. I do it all and it’s a lot of work!” (Simply Digital Network helps handle the sponsorship aspects of the blog.) Fashion is the main focus, but there’s crossover to her travels and a food porn section cutely titled “We Be Grubbin.” Sorry, ladies, but hubs-to-be Bryan Greenberg makes very rare appearances. Maybe because he’s the one taking all the pictures of her? “If I’m on holiday, I’ll usually beg my fiancé [to take the photos],” she says.

Veteran couple needs votes for dream wedding

A Harker Heights couple is one of 10 eligible for a dream wedding if they receive enough votes.

Married about 10 years ago by a justice of the peace, former soldiers Nina and Matt Wilson have never had the dream wedding they’d like.

“We said we’d do the big wedding a year later,” Nina Wilson said.

With Nina Wilson growing up in a Navy family and her husband from West Virginia, the couple met and married while attending Advanced Individual Training.

“I sat behind him in class and always tried passing him a note,” Nina Wilson said.

Eventually he asked her out and they married with a small ceremony.

Wilson said they planned to have a big out-of-state wedding, but everything that could go wrong did.

The couple’s car broke down, the wedding cake baker was closed and a chainsaw needed for making wood decorations broke.

Nina Wilson said she was pregnant with her husband deployed by their one-year anniversary, their son had pink eye for their second. On their third and fourth, one of them was deployed; the fifth her husband helped a fellow soldier and the sixth was about Friday the 13th.

“All these things came up, and we were already starting our lives together,” Wilson said.

Wilson completed her military service as a specialist after four years, and her husband finished after 10 years as a staff sergeant.

Wilson completed her nursing certification through Central Texas College and received her bachelor’s degree. Her husband is currently going through the same nursing school.

With February marking their 10-year anniversary, Wilson said they planned to have a vow-renewal ceremony.

She found a website where they could enter to win a free wedding in Mexico.

Through the website, the couple’s friends compiled a plethora of pictures from their decade-long love affair.

Pictures show the their first wedding picture, which Wilson said they didn’t have a wedding photographer for, their time together at AIT, times while in the military or family vacations.

From 120 couples who were initially interested, the Wilsons are now one of 10 couples from around the country vying for the dream wedding.

“It’d be great to win and not to have to worry about all the planning details,” Wilson said.

Another organization, Brides Across America, which provides free wedding dresses to individuals engaged to current military members or those who have deployed within the last five years, agreed to pay for Wilson’s wedding gown.

The Very Popular Store That Only Sells Clothes for Skinny Girls

If you’re a teen girl, or have shopped with one lately, you’ve probably heard of Brandy Melville, the Italian brand that came to the U.S. five years ago, and has lately enraptured teens’ hearts and wallets with its social media savvy, targeted product research, and very special niche: They only offer one size, small, under the banner “one size fits most.”

A quick look at Brandy Melville’s Instagram will tell you most of what you need to know. With more than two million followers, @brandymelvilleusa predominantly features white girls with long, blonde hair wearing cozy, loose-fitting clothes, worn-in and distressed to perfection. The girls have something else in common: Without exception, they are very, very thin.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone likes this brand strategy. Browsing Brandy Melville’s online store, where most pants come in sizes 00 to 2, one has to wonder, “‘One size fits most’ of whom?” A store has the right to sell to whomever it pleases, and Brandy Melville certainly has the right to only make clothes for the select few to whom every other store in the country already caters. But in the words of my mother and probably yours, “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”

Though Brandy Melville is extreme, it is not alone in its skinny-only mindset. Abercrombie and Fitch drew criticism last year because of its refusal to make clothes for bigger girls. Many stores don’t bother carrying above a size 18 (and that’s being generous) despite the fact the average American woman wears a size 14. In other words, women up to seven sizes below average can find clothing, but women more than two sizes above are told to, “eat less.”

And teen girls are getting the message loud and clear: More than half of them use unhealthy weight control methods, including skipping meals and purging, in obsessive pursuit of bodies that Brandy Melville implies “most” people already have. In an ideal world where body size, character, and worth were not conflated, perhaps a store like Brandy Melville could coexist with the department stores and plus size stores. But we do not live in that world, and girls above a certain size are already taught they’re not good enough.

While there’s plenty of criticism, Brandy Melville has its defenders (not to mention customers—Business Insider says it’s “ranked No. 1 among brands that teen girls say they are starting to wear”). The most prevalent defense I’ve seen is, to paraphrase, “if plus size stores exist, so should tiny size stores.” As one Huffington Post commenter put it, “I don’t complain Torrid is ‘shaming’ me because they don’t carry my size… I just go shop somewhere else.”

Cameron Diaz is not to hear about marriage

Triple Alliance, Sex Tape… Since this summer, Cameron Diaz is back in force in the rooms. A poster of many comedies, star does not a only for its success at the cinema but for her relationship with musician Benji Madden also. Seen together for the first time last July, the two lovers no longer leave and seem to spin the perfect love. So much that on 10 October, the quarantine has sown doubt in the people sphere. On the red carpet of the evening of the Academy Hosts Hollywood Costume Luncheon, Cameron Diaz appeared with a jewel on the left ring finger.

If no declaration of the star or her boyfriend has yet been made, the actress would be absolutely not pressed to see pass the ring finger. At least, this is what she said in an interview with Marie Claire US: “I’m not looking for husband or marriage, but I’m not more trying to refuse this kind of things. I live simply day agenda and I do not think that I should or should not do with my life. ”

If Cameron Diaz did not intend to hurry to unite with the man of her life, goes well with the family. “We live in a society where everyone to children. ” Suddenly, others want to have children. There’s this culture that celebrities are supposed to be like the others. Thus, people think ‘ I have kids, then why not it?’. But I’m not going to do something because you expect it from me this or that. “If I have a family, so I have one” said the star.
Always as beautiful

After confided to Marie Claire US ex Tom Cruise made a photo shoot with the magazine. On the cover of the publication, Cameron Diaz appears seated on a white stool in a long strapless red dress. An outfit matched with a natural beautylook enhanced by slightly smoky eyes. The other clichés of the shooting, black and white, reveal the actress in coloured outfits elegant and slightly sexy. Very cheerful, the artist is absolutely divine.

Fall Fashion — SHOP 22 Stylish Dresses For Every Occasion

Whether it’s an LBD or something with a bit more flare, everyone has a go-to dress in their closet that they rely on. Maybe you’re heading out to a date, want to dress to impress at a wedding or are just looking for a new get-up that will make you look confident and chic in the workplace, look no further — we’ve got you covered with 22 versatile styles in every price range.
Fall 2014 Fashion — Dresses For Every Occasion:

While trying new trends is always fun, many gravitate towards their personal go-to when getting dressed. Whether that means they prefer a specific silhouette or really love a certain shade, it’s important not to feel like you’re a victim to the hottest style — find a look that makes you feel good! When you wear an outfit that you think you look good in you’ll instantly ooze confidence — and that’s the best accessory you could ever bring along with you!

Longer hemlines are still quite popular, so don’t be afraid to switch up your style and opt for a winter maxi — but that doesn’t mean it’s time to banish the minis to the back of the closet! A long-sleeved mini always looks trendy and you can instantly tough it up with booties and a cropped jacket — and it’s a great go-to for a first date or a night out with your friends.

For a wedding or a more formal affair, glam up your look with an embellished ensemble. While many seem to gravitate towards basic black more than ever before once fall rolls around, I encourage you to embrace rich colors and don’t shy away from detailing — there’s nothing wrong with a hint of metallic, beading, or sparkle.

If you usually gravitate towards dark neutrals in the fall and winter I suggest trying out a fun fall print. Not only were florals quite popular for the season but you could also try a more classic twist on a print, like houndstooth.

Cheap Sexy Party Clothes from Outstanding Dressmakers

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The bride got married in a dress with a 3 km-long veil

To create dresses took several months. In the Church the bride brought to the convertible, and Fatou helped carry dozens of guests.

Last Thursday there was a wedding in Italy, a remarkable fact that the bride wore a dress, Veil length of three kilometres.

On sewing this dress took several months. On its creation, several dozen seamstresses worked, says the Mirror.

In the Church the bride arrived in a car with a folding top. Dozens of guests were followed closely by the veil.

Woman struggles to get refund on wedding dress after broken engagement

Stephanie D’Amato already had picked out her dream dress and secured the venue for her wedding. Two months later, she broke off her engagement.

“I tried to put it behind me,” D’Amato said. When she explained her predicament, she quickly received a refund from the venue. But getting a refund on her wedding dress proved to be the most stressful part of unwinding the event.

Although her contract with Kaira’s Bridal in Phoenix said no refunds, D’Amato asked for one anyway. She wound up with a store credit instead. The first time she went to the shop near Interstate 17 and Bell Road to redeem her credit, she didn’t find a dress she wanted.

The second time, she sold the credit to her friend. That friend found a wedding dress at the store but was not allowed to use the credit to order a dress.

“She went to place her order and handed them the certificate and was told no because she had to choose a dress from their inventory,” D’Amato said. The third time, D’Amato decided just to go in and pick a dress, any dress.

“I took the dress and the certificate up to the counter and I was told by an associate that they are no longer honoring store credits,” D’Amato said. “At this point I was upside down, so frustrated.”

Tammy Malone, the owner of Kaira’s Bridal, disputed D’Amato’s account.

“I don’t remember her ever coming in here again. I’m the owner and my daugher is a manager, and we don’t remember her ever coming in to get a dress with store credit,” Malone said.

Malone may not remember that last visit. But shortly after Call 12 for Action got involved, D’Amato got a call from the shop. She was allowed to come down and finally use her store credit, which totaled more than $700.

She picked out a wedding dress that she plans to donate to charity. Malone calls the entire exchange with D’Amato a “miscommunication” of sorts — one the shop owner said she tried to resolve.

Both D’Amato and the friend who bought her store credit were advised that the credit could be redeemed only for dresses at the store. “I made that very clear to both women,” Malone said.

When bridal shops like Kaira’s order dresses from manufacturers, they typically are responsible for the payment on that dress, even if the bride backs out.

“When a bride cancels, we have to pay for that dress no matter what. We lose money, so we can’t take that chance again.

“Store credit on inventory dresses is the best we can do, and that’s not even our policy anymore.” Malone said, “We do try to help out our brides, and things happen. Weddings get canceled. Unfortunately, we get bridezillas.”

All the Details of Debby Ryan’s ‘Jessie’ Wedding Dress

Skai Jackson, Peyton List, Debby Ryan, Chris Galya, Pierson Fode, Kevin Chamberlin, Karan Brar, and Cameron Boyce in ‘Jessie’

Skai Jackson, Peyton List, Debby Ryan, Chris Galya, Pierson Fode, Kevin Chamberlin, Karan Brar, and Cameron Boyce …

Here comes the bride! Disney Channel is throwing a wedding – the first one ever for a major character on the network. In a landmark move for the kid-friendly channel, Debby Ryan’s beloved character, Jessie Prescott, is tying the knot with hunky fiancé Brooks (Pierson Fode) on the hit show Jessie. The episode is titled “There Goes the Bride,” and it sounds like she’s definitely going.

The episode description explains that the quirky nanny has to move her wedding date up to, like, tomorrow, because her future hubby just landed a job in Africa and he has to report to work in two days. Luckily, Jessie has a devoted bridal team that has already hooked up her wedding day look, so at least that part is taken care of.

The four-episode engagement and wedding arc kicked off last month, but Jessie’s gorgeous wedding gown has been getting some extra buzz. And it sounds like Ryan had a big say in her character’s nuptials gown, which she described as a “fairytale dress.” “It’s very age appropriate,” the 21-year-old actress said in a preview video. “It’s modest, it’s sweet, it’s romantic, and it’s traditional. Working with the costume designer on this wedding dress has been a passion of mine.”

Yahoo TV talked to the show’s costumer, Jessica Peel Scott, about Jessie’s bridal style, and we even found out how you can get the look fit for a Disney princess.

First, Scott told us how she and Ryan decided on the final gown. “It just fit the character so perfectly, and the shape was absolutely beautiful on Debby,” she said. “We tried a bunch of dresses and that one, we just both fell in love with it.”

The designer revealed that she pulled tons of pictures from magazines before she and Ryan both declared “That’s the dress!” After literally sitting down together on the dressing room floor, the two women perused dozens of magazines to come up with the final look, a look that would best represent the woman that the character had become.