In the game of retail, the ball is still in fast fashion’s court.

On Wednesday, Spanish conglomerate Inditex, the owner of Zara and a handful of other fast fashion brands, said net sales increased 8 percent to $19.2 billion over the 12 months ending Jan. 31. That’s a nice piece of news after a disappointing 2013, when sales only grew by 5 percent.

Zara, by far company’s biggest brand, saw sales increase by 7 percent, up from an increase of just 2 percent the year before. But while that’s good progress, it’s not quite as good as the results from its biggest competitor, H&M, which saw sales rise 14 percent in fiscal 2014.

To be fair, Zara and its parent company have not been investing in expansion as aggressively as H&M has, instead focusing on growing profit, which was up 5 percent in 2014. After opening 379 new stores in 2014, H&M is planning to add 400 locations to its network by December, putting its store count close to 4,000. Zara, meanwhile, has 1,923 locations. Inditex said it plans to open between 420 and 480 stores this year while closing (or, to put it in Inditex’s terms, “absorbing”) 80 to 100 smaller stores. It did not say how many of those will be Zara locations.

As for the wonderful world of online, Zara plans to keep on investing in its e-commerce platform, launching online stores in three new markets this year — Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao — after doing the same in Mexico, South Korea, Romania and China last year.

For Inditex, the retail picture is clear. Instead of spreading its brands across as many locations as possible, the company is diving deep on massive flagship locations and online stores.

This Wedding Dress Was Grown From Fungus (Yes, Fungus)

Would you wear a wedding dress grown from fungus? One bride protested the excess of single-use wedding dresses by growing her own gown for $40 in a few weeks.

Erin Smith was a graduate student in New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program when she started the dress as a project for her thesis last year. Wedding dresses, she told The Huffington Post, are “prime examples of single-use objects that are really energy-intensive.”

She decided she would grow her own for her August wedding in Vermont.

Ecovative Design supplied a $40 bag of agricultural waste inoculated with mushroom spores, from which Smith grew thin sheets of mycelium, the thin fibers that hold mushrooms together.

Next, she wrapped the sheets around a custom dress form, where they kept growing to knit up the seams of the mushroom-white garment.

The finished product was 1/8th of an inch thick, and rigid like cardboard, since the Ecovative mix is designed for growing packaging.

Smith planned to wear her stiff dress down the aisle, to the consternation of her mother. “She rolled her eyes,” Smith recalled. “But it wasn’t so far out of the realm of the kinds of things I do. She wasn’t terribly surprised.”

But, to her mom’s relief, the dress wasn’t ready in time for the wedding; Smith got married in a thrift store gown instead.

Still, the concept of a grow-your-own dress appeals to Smith.

“I like the image that maybe you change into something else for dancing, and you could literally tear the dress apart and put it in your garden, and it would literally keep growing with you,” she said. “There’s something kind of of lovely about that.”

Now working as a freelance designer, Smith says she hopes to develop a thinner and more flexible mycelium product that’s better suited for growing clothing.

Maison Mariée, Hamburg, Germany

Maison JAS held in their rooms the “Everything will be fine!” Workshop. Christina Görling and the evening journal invite you to an evening around the theme of wedding. As it suggests the title, Stephanie Luxat, author of the bestseller of the wedding is here again “Just get married!”, as a co presenter. It shows small do-it-yourself craft tips. I told here about her book. Your cards for the hopefully instructive evening you can reserve here: Maison Mariée 100% human hair wigs.

18/19 January 2014

Fixed – und Hochzeitsmesse St.Gallen, Switzerland

The 20-year anniversary of the Festival and wedding fair St. celebrates Gallen. Celebrate it with some new features and special events 100% human hair wigs.

25/26 January 2014

Noni in Vienna, Austria

Noni try on wedding dresses in Vienna. Now, there’s this way! Exactly where it takes place, will be announced. Beforehand, you gotta get your appointment here agree on 100% human hair wigs.

Amplificateur de poche pour mobiles gadgets


comebuy Casque AudioUAMP devrait laisser les gens ordinaires Profitez de meilleure qualité sonore à tout moment. Et, parce que c’est un amplificateur de poche devrait fournir une nouvelle expérience d’écoute. Un petit outil qui est conçu pour les utilisateurs mobiles.

Présenté sous forme d’un petit boitier de 26 grammes, cet amplificateur Hi-Fi peut se brancher à tout type d’appareil doté d’une prise casque 3.5mm. L’utilisateur peut ainsi le relier à un casque audio pour écouter la musique à partir d’un smartphone, une tablette, un baladeur MP3 ou un ordinateur portable. En plus d’offrir un son d’une qualité supérieure aux enceintes de base, l’accessoire dispose d’un égaliseur intégré permettant de régler le son en fonction du besoin. Sa batterie rechargeable lui assure une autonomie de 10 heures une fois pleine. Enfin, sa taille compacte a été conçue pour faciliter son transport. En effet, il peut se glisser facilement dans la poche afin d’être emporté partout.

A l’état de prototype, UAMP fait l’objet d’un projet en quête de fonds sur la plateforme Kickstarter. La première livraison est attendue pour juillet.


The T shirt dress 36 – the new trend?

The T shirt dress is mainly to recognize that it is worn over jeans, or pants generally. Currently in almost all fashion stores can be found such a dress (36, for example, as size).

The T shirt dress is no new invention, because past eras had this in her fashion range. Recognizable is a T shirt dress, as it name suggests the, mainly because it is a mixture of T-Shirt and dress (36, for example, as size) and is worn over a jeans or other pants. The T shirt dress is usually quite short, already almost too short for a dress (36, for example, as size), but too long for a simple T – shirt dress for wedding guest.

Available, such a T shirt is dress in almost any fashion business, because it is currently in vogue. Of course the price range is very high, because depending on the manufacturer a T shirt dress can be quite cheap, or but also quite expensive.

T shirt there are 36-42 dress online

If you are looking for a bargain, which should try his luck in the Internet, because here clothing is generally well T shirt, dresses, offered cheaper. Many online stores offer branded goods at low prices, which can be conveniently up to seventy percent, than the clothing in the fashion shop. Of course these are not the same collections that can be found in the fashion business, but mainly closeouts and collections of the last or not last session. This makes the clothing but still long non UN-modern and the good quality of the brand is also preserved. You can get cheap clothes also in online auction houses, which offer much installed, but some new clothes. The brought clothing is located mostly in an impeccable State dress for wedding guest.

Who wants to search for personal reasons no online shop and yet cheap clothes to buy, which can fall back on one of the now fairly numerous fashion chains. Here, there is a wide selection of beautiful dresses, which have furthermore fair prices. The best-known and most popular fashion chain of this type is H & M (Hennes & Mauritz). Of course there is a hacking but also here, because the clothing is although fashionably chic and cheap, sure, but not all high. The materials used are not all to stable and processing all too carefully. After some washes, for example, a T shirt can change his size dress that was purchased and no longer fit. The low prices compensate for this but dress for wedding guest.


Delicate pastel tones vs. strong, intense shades. Two color concepts, as they could not be different! Suitable for a wedding decoration. Or for a different event this season by Stephanie Greter | yourSiGN developed platform shoes.

The first decoration in pastel:

Modern with trendy hex – one of my absolute favorite trends this year. In the Mint and purple colours. A refreshing combination in pastel. Super fit, I find the sweet candy with the turquoise gem-shaped candies. Steffi created whole concepts, not just stationery, but also the sweet table and the give aways. Everything from a cast and of course according to the needs of the customers. Individually made. Beautifully matching jewelry of the Swiss Goldsmith ateliers by Frantastic jewelry from train. Unusual wedding rings for the bride and groom and the earrings would go great with the bridesmaids, wearing the clothes in the same colours. Can you imagine that so well, I like platform shoes?

The second table decorations in bold colors:

This colour concept, the history of “thousand and one nights” in the sense coming me. A little oriental touch, opulent, but not überladend. Hot strong colors, dark purple with black coupled with the rich red and rounded. A feast for the eye and certainly no Mirage!

So, now you have seen both versions. For which of the two table decorations would you choose?
Photography: Andrea Kühnis Photography jewelry: Frantastic Jewelry Accessories & decorations: shop yourSiGN / shop K’ness decoration & stationery: sign your moment
Thank you Steffi for these two great inspiration for a wedding decoration platform shoes!


In my opinion the men are likely to dare quietly something more concerning outfit for the groom. In particular, I can see no shiny suits with more curved ornaments. My advice: Look instead at best a classic men’s suit. You can put on, if you hold your weight, later the for different occasions. A good investment. So invest your money in a high-quality, well-fitting pants suit and look for unusual accessories.

The blue suit is a classic – can be worn in the Office as well as on the own wedding. It takes just a few differences in the combination. Is it in the Office, rather simply. To the married it will be quiet something daring. There are countless possibilities of combinations. I put you here current examples together as combining a blue suit something bolder. Just for men with a twist! This trouser suit in Tintenblau is from a He has a slim line. The legs are not too long and the leg width is narrow. With colourful socks or without portable with sandals or slippers. Which of the following colour schemes with accessories might like?

Pochete with flower pattern of the mark Paul of
Silver cufflinks with enclosed blue, marble stone from
Black blue Derby shoes the Givenchy brand Mr.
High-quality short socks “Airport” in Berry of the brand Falke of (variety of colors)
Blue white striped suspenders in the variant clip (there is even a vintage version in leather) by
Embroidered with dark blue ferns fly in light blue by Jack & Jones

Sell diesel dress and other designer clothes

A diesel dress is perfect for those who attach importance to high-quality, cool clothing. You are well advised with diesel fashion. If someone wants to sell his clothes is always on the personal preferences.

A diesel dress is something very special. With a diesel, it is pulled dress perfectly and the very wide selection of diesel fashion, you will find the right clothes for leisure and business. For years, the company diesel is a guarantee for high quality and trendy clothing. The selection is very versatile, especially for men. With the pieces of clothing is always a good figure and finds wedding dresses from china for every occasion the right clothing.

The designer founded the cult label diesel, Renzo Rosso and invented by the way even the worn look. The Italian jeans Pope has small started however – like all other major in their field – and sewed the first jeans on the his mother’s sewing machine. It was him but too clean, too stiff and too foreign, and so he was rubbing it so long on the concrete floor until it was soft and you felt comfortable in it. So was the diesel look is born. Diesel has improved today practice this fabric torture techniques. It was but not easy to convince the distributors of his jeans as a result. Not understood the used look and believed the pants hand were second, and inferior quality. Renzo Rosso, however, met a German with the courage to sell the jeans. He then drove wedding dresses from china affiliated with a cart full of jeans every two weeks to Düsseldorf with a DM cheque back.

Diesel dress (other designer clothes) even second mobile phone shops sell

In vain look who believed the finding jeans group in Florence or Milan. In a village called Molvena 2426 comune in the Northern Italian province of Vicenza he will however find it. You reach over the company through poplar avenues and tree plantations in gentle hills where ripe sparkling wines and grappas. The headquarters of diesel is a flat brick complex.

A diesel you can buy dress cheap with a little luck in a second hand shop or an outlet store. If you would like to sell his clothes is a personal setting. Who would like to sell dresses is in a Second-Hand shop in the right place. If you no longer want to wear his clothes, or they don’t fit anymore, but are too good for the clothing collection, is a good solution to sell them. Others snap up a bargain and you even get wedding dresses from china a few euros for new clothes.

Online shift dress

Fashion has its price this is unfortunately a sad truth and who would call his own a dress, who will need to access deep in the Pocket. Something cheaper get however online shift dresses.

Sheath dresses are back in fashion, not only in terms of business, but also for everyday life. Friends who send in the Café would like to see which does not come out without a sheath dress. Although the main interface remains the same, but especially in the sleeve area, there are numerous variations on the new models. Ruffles and small Puffärmelchen can be combined perfectly with the classical case cut prom dresses berlin spandau.

Since the popular classic again in fashion and can be seen outside the offices and business meetings, this model is of course missing in any current collection. Shift dresses and as is the case with brand-name manufacturers in General, so a not very favourable price applies in particular for the dress, lead almost all brands. Who does not want to buy at the discount fashion store, which remains deeply must engage in the purse strings. Must be but not always the case, because there are also ways and means to get prom dresses berlin spandau expensive designer clothing at affordable prices.

The dress at an affordable price

As mentioned earlier it must be not always expensive, because you can get hold of shift dresses also at affordable prices. For this purpose, the sale is a good way. Of course, this is not the whole year, but with a little luck you can find outside of the summer or winter sales opportunities for discounted shopping. Especially evictions (which not always with the store closings in connection must be) are a great way to do this.

Cheap online shops are easier and above all always available. Here you have to wait not only up to certain actions, but can get cheap a sheath dress at any time. Up to seventy-five percent discount when compared to the conventional trade, are quite commonplace on the Internet. Here one should expect but not the newest collection, because here so cheap sold articles are mostly closeouts. But also see the remnants can be found still beautiful garments, fashionable brand-name manufacturers. Often also overlap ballgowns berlin spandau can be found between the successive collections, so that you can get yet fashionable clothes.

Neues Patent: Apple arbeitet an GoPro-Alternative

Eine Patentanmeldung verrät, dass Apple eine ferngesteuerte Action-Kamera entwickelt. In seiner Erklärung kritisiert der Konzern sogar die Schwächen der GoPro-Geräte auf.

Apple-Kamera mit Fernbedienung am Handgelenk

Für eine 2012 eingereichtes Patentanmeldung erhält Apple jetzt vom US-Patentamt grünes Licht. Bei dem Patent handelt es sich um eine Action-Kamera mit Fernsteuerung, die offenbar eine Alternative zur GoPro-Produktserie darstellen soll.

Der Einreichung zufolge kann die Kamera entweder per Fernbedienung oder eigenständig bedient werden. Als Fernsteuerung soll ein Armband für das Handgelenk dienen. Wie die GoPro kann die Apple-Kamera laut der Beschreibung auch bei sportlichen Aktivitäten mit einer dafür vorgesehenen Halterung an Helmen oder anderem Zubehör festgemacht werden.

GoPro spürt Druck an der Börse

Auch Bild- und Tonaufnahmen unter Wasser inkludiert das eingereichte Patent. In seiner Beschreibung geht der Technologiekonzern sogar auf die Schwächen des Mitbewerbers GoPro ein. Apple will demnach seine Kamera mit besseren Sensoren ausstatten als der börsennotierte Hersteller und die Montage vereinfachen.

Dass das Unternehmen seine Pläne für eine Sportkamera tatsächlich umsetzt, beweist das zugelassene Patent natürlich nicht. Der Kurs der GoPro-Aktie sank nach Bekanntwerden des Vorhabens immerhin um 15 Prozent. Apple Insider behauptet zudem , dass Apple nicht selbst die Idee für die beschriebenen Funktionen hatte, sondern ein Patent von Kodak übernommen hat. GoPro hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren als beliebte Marke im Sportbereich positioniert. Der Wert des Unternehmens wird auf vier Milliarden US-Dollar geschätzt